Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Seven - Link Edition

I have so many blog posts or articles I've read that I would love to share with you, so I am going to occasionally use Saturday Seven to do just that!  I encourage you to read these, even if you may not be interested in the subject.  A little challenged thinking never hurt anyone!  :)

1) Large Family Myth Busters

2) I don't want my children to be happy

3) Woman performs abortion while pregnant (Mature Audience)

4)  The Pill:  Making Motherhood Better?

5)  Pros and Cons to Homeschooling

6)  Subtle Effects of the Birth Control Culture

7)  Top 5 Reasons Not to Send Your Kids to Govt. School


  1. All very good articles. Voddie Baucham makes me not even want to drive by a govt school.


    Your Man

  2. You cannot possibly know how encouraging a few of these articles were to me...particularly the ones concerning BC and family size. Thanks for posting!