Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Days

The last two months in a nutshell:

~Happy 1st Birthday, Jacob!
~Happy Positive Pregnancy Test Day!
~Happy Mother's Day!
~Happy ?? Birthday, Me!
~Congratulations Graduate!
~Happy Family Vacation!
~Congratulations Bride and Groom!
~Happy Week of Vacation Bible School!
~Happy Family Reunion Day!
~Happy More Vacation Bible School!
~Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary to Us!
~Happy 3rd Birthday, Chloe!

It's been extremely quiet here, but don't think for a second it's been quiet at our house. As you can see, lots of happy days around here. I'm absolutely exhausted from all the happiness!

Our biggest news is the upcoming addition of baby number four, due January 11, 2010! We are very excited and pray God's blessing upon the pregnancy and delivery. (Also praying for my sanity because life is sure to be crazy around here with four kids under five years old! )

I hope the past few weeks have brought you as much happiness as we've had!