Saturday, February 2, 2013

Menu Plan 2/4-2/10

I cannot stress enough how much a menu plan helps me!  It makes a ton of difference in my stress level at meal times!  Since we are very spontaneous people, it's possible this menu could fly out the window and that's okay! I would rather divert from the menu than to not have one at all!  That's when I get into trouble.  :)  Here's our menu plan for this week:

Monday 2/4:
Mini Omelets, Biscuits w/honey
Chicken Salad in Pitas
Sloppy Joe w/Onion Rings

Tuesday 2/5:
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins
-Out- (Dr's appt)
Chicken casserole, baked corn, peas

Wednesday 2/6:
Homemade granola, yogurt, & berries
Cheese quesadillas, celery/carrot sticks w/ranch dressing
Crockpot Cilantro Chicken

Thursday 2/7:
Cinnamon Rolls, fruit smoothies
Crock pot ribs, ranch potatoes, oven-roasted cabbage

Friday 2/8:
Waffles, bacon
Egg salad sandwiches, fruit w/cream cheese dip
Steak, broccoli, leftover ranch potatoes

Saturday 2/9:
Eggs, cinnamon toast
Chicken chili

Sunday 2/10:
-Out for lunch
C.O.R.N.  (Clean Out Refrigerator Night!)

Side note: Many of these recipes came from Pinterest and are posted on my boards.