Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Your Attention, Please

I think about my blog a lot.  I write about five posts a day in my head.  Couldn't tell it from my 0.9 posts per week, right?

The problem is that, do I put it?  Remember how I told you about God breaking ground in my life? As a result, many of my beliefs, opinions, convictions, or whatever you choose to call them go against the grain.  And so, for fear of hurting someone's feelings, I don't write anything at all.



Which is really frustrating because you either believe something or you don't.  I am not being true to myself or to my readers if I don't write about who I really am and what I think about things.

Things like marriage, submission, feminism, dress, child rearing, education, religion, and the list goes on and on.

Maybe it's because I know most of my readers.  People I went to school with, or to church with, or are family.  People that I see on a somewhat regular basis.  And so, I let fear of what some of you might say or think, rule what I write about.


This is my blog.  About my life.  And I'm purposing to take a very deep breath and write.  Write whatever it is that I'm thinking about.  No matter how controversial the issue.  And if it offends you, please know that is not my intention.  And if you think I'm crazy, well, you won't be the first! 

Now don't be getting worried I'm going to actually publish five posts a day.  Chances are I'll stick to my 0.9 posts per week.  After all, I do have a busy husband, four children ages five and under, homeschooling to do, a dog, some chickens, hu-mon-go-longous mounds of laundry and dirty dishes, dusty baseboards, dust bunnies, piles of ironing to be done, stacks of books to read, and much more.  I'm not sure I could fit the 2.3 hours it takes me to write a post into my schedule.

So now you know.  I've been a big chicken.  Not any longer.  I'm going to throw my neck out there and write with no fear!

Yeah, right.  Who am I kidding?  I'm reconsidering publishing this post.  You can't say I didn't warn you, though......  :)


  1. I think that you can blog how you feel and it is very possible to put things in words that do not offend or hurt anyone.. Its just tricky. I am not one who is capable of holding back so I offend people quite often but sometimes you do just need to get it out and doing it nicely is always possible. Good luck.

  2. Put it out there, sister!!! And, who knows. Maybe your beliefs will inspire or convict(well, God does the convicting, but you see my point)someone in an area they might be struggling in. BTW, I'm struggling with dress....

  3. Sis,
    I was wondering about that. Just had a feeling. I will probably share my story soon but you know we can talk anytime! :) Just follow Him. His grace is sufficient, no matter what!