Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Seven

I love 7 Quick Takes that Catherine Wheels has on her blog on Fridays and would love to do something similar here. Since Fridays are already taken (Freebie Friday), I took it upon myself to create Saturday Seven! So here goes:

1) It struck me just now that the title I chose, Saturday Seven, is extra neat because Saturday is the seventh day of the week! Purely coincidental!

2) Don't ever, ever, ever put carpet in your house if you have children. Seriously, there should be a law that says you can't even buy carpet if you have children living at home. Hardwood, tile, or linoleum should be mandatory floor covering.

3) The suggested restriction on carpet was brought about by last nights' battle of Georgia red mud vs. beige carpet. The mud won. By flying colors. The now-orangey trail starts at the garage door, goes up two flights of stairs, down the hall, and ends in the kid's bedroom, where Luke went to get socks out of his dresser to use as gloves. I was impressed by his creativity with the socks, but not so impressed with his inattentiveness to his mud-caked shoes.

4) Speaking of socks....I'm currently wearing hospital socks and no, I'm not in the hospital. They give you these ugly brown socks with tread on them to wear to the operating room when you have surgery. Since I've had three c-sections and one hernia repair, I have a nice stash. They keep my feet really warm; so I choose warmth over style. And as we all know, style isn't our forte.

5) And speaking of hospitals, I was actually looking forward to my three day stay when I was expecting Jacob. Who wouldn't? I got to lie in bed, hold my new baby as much as I wanted, choose my food for the day, have it brought to me, have family and friends come to see us, and watch TV. It was a mini-vacation and I'm looking forward to doing it again!

6) Yes, we plan on having more children. Unfortunately, I am limited as to how many because I've already had three c-sections. The risk for complications during future pregnancies increase with each surgery. I wasn't quite as informed about my options as I am now, but we're blessed to have our beautiful babies, however they were delivered.

7) I have come to the disgusting realization that size has NOTHING to do with birthing babies. My sister, who is teeny tiny, had her baby girl here in about 15 minutes. I haven't' been teeny tiny since the third grade and I couldn't get my baby here after 11 hours.
"Miz Charlotte, I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' no babies!"

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