Monday, February 9, 2009

Future Fashion Designers

Apparently we are severely lacking in the fashion gene here at our house. The kids decided to dress themselves this morning while I was feeding Jacob. Nursing mommies are a toddlers dream come true. All I could do was laugh....and run for the camera.

Notice the shirt is on inside out and backwards. The usual unbuttoned jeans, which around here, is the only way to wear them. And of course, the cowboy boots he hasn't taken off since his birthday. To his credit, the jeans are sordof tucked into his boots, which is pretty hip these days.

And here is pajama mama. Pink pj pants with a red Dora belly shirt. Top that off with yellow socks and brown shoes and we've got a fashion diva.

I'm pretty sure Calvin Klein will be calling once he sees these cute kids in their jazzy attire. Until then, we'll keep doing our best to keep on stylin' and profilin'.

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