Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Definition of Embarrass

The following definition is from yourdictionary.com:

em·bar·rass (em barəs, im-)

transitive verb

  1. to cause to feel self-conscious, confused, and ill at ease; disconcert; fluster
My definition:

When the cashier at Kroger tells you that your balance is $42 and you only have $33 in cash and NO, may I repeat NO, other form of payment because you left your purse AT HOME!!! So then you have to start taking stuff out of the cart because you are short $9 and change. And there are three people behind you, rolling their eyes, staring at the pregnant lady with three kids under the age of four, who can't even remember her purse-or so she says. And you've already made them wait while you gave the cashier all your coupons. And your oldest child is almost in tears because he doesn't understand why we are giving our groceries back. Then you give back the sour cream and have a credit, which you can't do, and have to figure out a less expensive item to swap it with. And when you finally leave, everyone starts clapping. Okay, not really, but I'll bet they wanted to.

I was self-conscious, confused, ill at ease, disconcerted, and flustered. Yeah, I'd say that was embarrassing.

In answer to your unspoken questions-
1) Yes, I knew my purse was at home. I just forgot about that small detail when I was shopping. I knew I was over my cash on hand. I was thinking, "Oh, I'll just put the ten bucks on the debit card." Pitiful; just pitiful.

2) The reason I had cash, even though I had no purse, was because I had our grocery money envelope with me. What's ironic is that I went back into the house before we left for the store, specifically to get the envelope because I had forgotten it.

3) Our grocery budget is more than $33. I had already been to Publix. You were either impressed by my seemingly ingenious frugal menu planning, or thinking about dropping off a box of groceries at my doorstep.

Feel free to leave a comment with an embarrassing moment so I don't feel like such a weenie. :)


  1. You crack me up!! I would have LOVED to have seen that.... you always handle everything so gracefully! :) I have too many embarassing moments for one to stand out in particular! *grin* Love ya!!! Hope everyone's feeling 100% now!!

  2. One time I tried to buy a supository for my sick wife from a Mexican Drug Store at 2 in the morning where no one spoke English on my honeymoon no less. The store had a little window that you had to speak through from the street. I am sure people walking by thought "What a crazy Gringo pointing at his back side repeating the same thing over and over" Now that is embarrasing! Man I love my wife!