Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Seven-Quick and Condensed!

1)  We are having a birthday party for Jacob today, (his 2nd birthday is Tuesday) so I'm SUPER busy cooking and cleaning.  Thus, the quick and condensed version.

2)  My house looks like a tornado came through here.  Maybe two or three, even.  And it's a really good thing I waited to mop the kitchen floor.  I was going to mop it yesterday but decided to wait until the last minute today and it's a good thing, too.  Considering the mess after dinner last night I'm pretty sure I would've laid down in the floor and threw a tantrum!

3)  I'm listening to the song playlist from my blog as I work today.  I do that a lot.  Austin does too.  Obviously, my favorite songs are on here! So uplifting and encouraging.

4)  I'm absolutely loving the lush beauty of spring.  All the green leaves on the trees are so gorgeous.  God is the best artist! 

5)  I won a giveaway from Quinn at On Just a Couple of Acres!  She was giving away six Bible story books she had accidentally ordered duplicates of!  I'm super excited about that, seeing as how I've never won anything from all the blog giveaways I've entered! 

6)  We are now the proud owners of ten baby chicks!  They hatched a couple of weeks ago and are really cute!  Too bad they don't stay that way.  We are looking forward to having fresh eggs in a couple of months or so!

7)  We went "fancy" camping last weekend with two families from our church and had a blast. If you have a camper, electricity, or bathrooms (and not necessarily all three) then you are "fancy" camping.  It was my first time fancy camping and the kids first time camping ever.  We borrowed my father-in-laws pop-up camper, which was really nice to have.  The kids were so incredibly dirty from playing in the lake, the dirt, and even the charcoal ashes.  They could've qualified for some of those "adopt a child" commercials! 

~This post wasn't all that condensed after all!  Imagine that!  :)  Now off to conquer more of Mt. WashMore!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Sista, you are on a roll her in blogtown! I love it! I need to get moving on mine!

    So glad you won a giveaway!!! I still haven't won anything yet:(

  2. I know! Three in one week, I think. I'm trying to do better. If I blogged about everything I thought about, I'd have about two posts per day! :)