Saturday, February 13, 2010

Butterfinger Delight

Because one can never have too many recipes for delicious desserts, I'm going to share this yummy-scrumptiously-chocolatey recipe with you!  It's SUPER easy and oh-so good!

Here's what you need: 


Brownie mix, chocolate pudding, large container of cool whip, and Butterfinger candy.  My mouth is watering already. 


First, prepare the brownies and pudding according to the directions on the package.  Crush up the candy into tiny pieces.
Optional, but highly recommended: To make sure the brownies aren't poisonous, help yourself to a small portion, as seen in the picture above.  You certainly wouldn't want to make your family or guests sick! 


Then, place chunks of brownie to cover the bottom of your dish and spoon half of the pudding over top.


Next, spread whipped cream over the pudding and  sprinkle candy pieces over top.  Repeat the layers again:  brownie, pudding, whipped cream and candy!  


The finished product!  Your friends and family will love this!


  1. Oh, if only chocolate didn't keep the baby awake...this looks DIVINE!

  2. How about some good ole fashion banana puddin for your WDH?

  3. still waiting on the banana pudding

  4. use thank you brand choc. pudding, in the can, less time and ingredients. Sylvia