Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday Seven

1)  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  The tree is up and Christmas music plays most of the day.  And we (actually Jacob) have only broken three ornaments so far this year!  The kids are really excited about Christmas this year, so we're looking forward to a lot of funI'm thinking wrapped presents under the tree are going to be a challenge for the first time.  Jacob, aka mini-destructor of all things, can tear up jack in two seconds flat.  Seriously, the child's guardian angel works overtime....he might even have two or three. 

2)  My sister and I went shopping on Black Friday.  Since we're both expecting in January, it was quite the sight to see.  I thought we did pretty well.....we were at the stores at five in the morning and shopped until about two that afternoon.  And if we had a dollar for all the comments....we could have paid for our Christmas purchases!  I did manage to get over half of my shopping done, which was great for me considering I'm the most indecisive person I know.  I my mom is.

3)  We're counting down to January 2, 2010!  That's the date we've scheduled for our new baby boy to arrive!  It's hard to believe I'll have a newborn again....ooh, I can't wait!  All the tinyness of an sweet!

4) As of now we still haven't decided on a name for the baby!  We've managed to narrow it down but nothing definite.  We had Noah Jackson picked out last time, but after he was born we decided on Jacob Andrew.  So maybe we'll wait to see what the baby looks like before we decide for certain!  The kids are telling everyone we're naming him James, like the engine on Thomas and Friends.  I'm pretty sure it won't be James, but you never know.  I tell the kids it's going to be Sir Topham Hat, to which they wrinkle their nose and laugh hysterically.  (Sorry if you're not familiar with the characters on Thomas....get you some three and four year olds and you'll know all about the Island of Sodor.)

5)  I've had my fill of Pigeon Forge for the year!  Last month we went for a few days with Austin's parents and had a wonderful time.  Our cabin was nice and we had beautiful weather.  We have season passes to Dollywood so that was fun.  It's funny to experience the change from riding all the roller coasters and doing my own thing to standing outside the ride where the pigs go round and round at one mile an hour, snapping pictures with my camera.  Or the fact I was a little scared on the ferris wheel thinking about how horrible it would be if the thing broke.

6)  We came home from our mini-vacation on Monday and on Wednesday I left for Pigeon Forge (again....told you I'd had enough) with my mom and sister and the kids.  We attempted shopping on Thursday, which didn't turn out so well with tired, grumpy children. (And a tired, sick-with-a-cold me.)  We were getting ready to try it again on Friday morning when we heard a knock on our cabin door.  Who could it be???  My wonderful husband!  He had gotten up early and drove three hours to pick up the kids for me!  Isn't he the greatest?  He took the kids home with him and I had a relaxed day of shopping!  It was such a wonderful treat for me and so incredibly thoughtful of him!

7)  Looks like it's only gonna be Saturday Six today because I've gotta run and get ready to go shopping with my family!  Pray for on a Saturday with Christmas crowds...shot nerves are sure to come.  :)

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